Sermons and Presentations

Personal Spiritual Advancement

What is spiritual formation and how does it differ from spiritual advancement? What does the Bible have to say about our spirituality? (Sermon by Kevin Byrne, March 2015)

Children and Grief (Radio Broadcast)

Children feel grief and sadness as a result of changes that take place in their life. Their lack of experience with these feelings and their lack of effective coping mechanisms can cause confusion and misunderstandings. All too often, the adults in their lives try to solve the problems by discounting their feelings and fears, or worse… medicating the child. (Radio program with Dr. Byrne, April, 2012)

YCM has had an article published in a Thailand magazine – check it out! Title: “Grieving Children Need Help”, pg. 68-70…/


Techy Kids

You know it’s true: Young children often know how to operate our electronic devices better than adults! Yet, once we’re done laughing about this reality, we need to ask ourselves a more serious question: Is media hurting our children? (Presentation by Dr. Byrne)

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